Review: Yonanas 901 Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker

One of the biggest issues with having ice cream is that, normally, ice cream is so full of sugars, fats, and calories that it can often end up being really unhealthy for you.

Don’t you wish there was some kind of alternative out there so you could indulge that icy sweet tooth without having to worry about killing your diet?

Worry no longer, Yonanas has your back!

The concept behind Yonanas is simple, you just take frozen bananas (or most other frozen fruit), put it into the chute, push down with the plunger, and watch a deliciously frozen and creamy treat come out the other end. The final texture is a lot like frozen yogurt so it’s perfect for if you prefer something softer than hard ice cream.

While the Yonanas is designed for bananas, the system easily accepts other fruits as well and even at the same time. You could take some frozen strawberries, blueberries, or slices of melon and add it to the bananas as you make your Yonanas frozen treat for a unique flavor combination on the spot!

Since you’re making your “ice cream” out of fresh frozen fruit you’re skipping out on all the unhealthy additives and preservatives that come with store bought stuff. The end result is a clean, healthy, and tasty ice creamy treat for the whole family.

It’s also great for adding to protein shakes or morning smoothies, just toss your fruit blend into the Yonanas machine and add your powders and mixes to the bowl underneath. Easy to make and transfer into a glass or bottle for breakfast or before a morning jog. The 901 model even comes with a recipe book with over 130 recipes of its own, perfect for when you want ideas for trying something new.

User reviews suggest that when you make Yonanas ice cream you should try to use ripe bananas as opposed to really fresh ones. The riper the banana the more flavorful it is (some say really brown bananas taste the best, though they naturally brown quickly in the freezer) and that fresh bananas can potentially even end up tasting bland without other fruits added.

There is also a potential for making Yonanas ice cream to turn out messy if your fruit isn’t totally frozen or you use recipes that don’t include bananas as a base, try to keep a towel or some paper towels around just in case you run into problems.

The Yonanas is a great way to have a healthy, icy treat any time of the year whether it’s a chilly or hot outside. Pick one up if you’re tired of feeling guilty when you have to look away from the ice cream in your freezer section at the store.


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