Review: Xbox One – Shape Up

When you think about the way most people play video games it can seem a lot like playing video games and getting healthy exercise are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but with the advent of motion gaming and new camera technology, games that get you up and on your feet aren’t just more and more prevalent, a lot of them are actually fun!

Shape Up isn’t just your average motion or fitness game either, it does a great job of combining the personal challenge and reward of getting fit with a lot of fun and unique ways to enjoy it. A lot of fitness games tend to play like interactive workout DVDs, but Shape Up combines effective, targeted exercise with unique and fun situations like punching out asteroids or bench pressing an elephant!

One thing you might be worried about is whether or not a video game can actually get results and I can safely say that if you want results then you’re going to get them with Shape Up. Shape Up has plenty of varied ways that you can get the exercise you’re looking for like targeted workouts to hit specific muscles and groups, 90-second training bursts, and a four week “quest mode” that will help to keep you engaged. Exercises are tough, but the routines and games are still incredibly accessible even for younger children trying to play as well.

With Shape Up you’re not just trying to get fit either, you’re also competing against your friends… or yourself! The next generation camera technology in the Kinect for Xbox One allows the console to get a really accurate read on your body’s movement, providing the incredibly accurate readings of your workouts you’ve been looking for. From there you can challenge your friends online to see which of you is more fit or even challenge recordings of yourself playing the game to try and beat old records and high scores.

Shape Up is great, but it isn’t 100% perfect. Like a lot of motion games you’re going to need a lot of floor space to play it safely, about four to six feet for a single player and somewhere around ten for two which can be a lot if you’re already working with limited space in your play area. Also like many motion games the camera requires you play it in a well lit room which can potentially be an issue as well.

All in all, Shape Up is a fantastic choice for Xbox One owners who want to get a fitness game that is going to challenge them but isn’t going to require them to learn dance steps (though there is an option for a victory dance to play if you maintain a high score). Definitely a great choice for families of all shapes and sizes.


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