Why Holiday Dieting is Important

If you look for fitness information online and in magazines around the holidays they’ll tell you left and right that you should watch your intakes, make smart food choices, and to “skip the dessert table” at parties, but they don’t always tell you why it’s important to watch your diet during the holidays. Of course there are some obvious conclusions that I’m sure you’ve already reached, but let’s talk a little bit about why specifically you should be dieting during the holidays.

1. If you can diet during the holidays you can manage any time!

They say that if you can handle pressure under the most difficult times then you’ll have no problem dealing with it on a regular day. The holidays are the time of year that diets and weight loss plans really come under fire. You have the sweets and candies that show up around October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas, New Years, and tons of other holidays all over December and that’s practically a mine field filled with calories and carbs! It can be tough when you’re just starting out (though it’s no cake walk for veteran dieters either) so it’s a good test of willpower to stay on track with your nutritional goals.

2. It can be disastrous to your weight loss progress.

Of course a little bit of cheating now and then is fine for the average diet, but going overboard can halt and even reverse your weight loss progress if you don’t keep your eating in check! When you’re faced with so many tasty treats it can be easy to tell yourself that just a little and then just a little more is fine, but not closely monitoring your “cheats” can end up putting you right off track which can be a killer for a lot of different diets. It’s a good idea to have a diet buddy, even if it’s not someone who’s dieting themselves, to let you know if you may have had one too many slices of pie.

3. The time of year doesn’t change how important it is to manage your nutrition.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of winter or a warm summer afternoon, if you’re serious about your weight loss then your diet doesn’t get to take a break. One of the number one diet killers is taking a vacation from your diet for any amount of time. For most of us, bad eating habits is what put us in this boat to begin with and giving yourself a free pass to eat unhealthily can be a one way ticket back to where you started. With the holidays it’s easy to have back to back excuses for parties and family get-togethers, so “just one night” or “just one party” could easily roll into something more serious if you’re not careful. Your diet’s not giving up on you so don’t give up on your diet this holiday season!

The holidays are rife with dangers for watching your intakes and making real progress towards your weight loss goals, don’t let yourself fall victim to the pitfalls of letting go for the holidays!

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