Why Faddy Diets Fail

When you look at the glossy magazines, you will find lots of stories about how a particular celebrity lost weight and dropped a couple of dress sizes by using a short term diet. However there are several things that are missed out in these stories which would convince you that faddy diets do not work.

Starvation Diets Can Lead To Increased Weight Gain

One of the main reasons that these faddy diets do not work is because the body gets confused when your food intake is drastically reduced. The body is a complex machine and as soon as it detects that less food is being eaten, it goes into protection mode by doing what is necessary in order to ensure that it can function on less calories. Your metabolism will slow down so that the calories are used more efficiently.

At first you will not notice much of a difference and you may in fact achieve your weight loss target but as soon as you end your diet and try to re-introduce the foods that you normally eat back into your everyday life, your body will think that it is still in starvation mode and will then hold onto as much of the fat and sugary foods as it can. A lot of people will then put on all the weight that they just lost and some will even add more and end up bigger than they originally were.

One person who has had a constant battle with her weight is Oprah Winfrey. She actually went on a faddy diet and lost more than half of her total body weight. However it didn’t take long for all that weight to creep back on and within weeks she was back to her larger than life size.

Faddy Diets Lack Variety in Food Options

Most of the extreme weight loss programs and faddy diets contain a very restricted range of food and liquids. An example is the cabbage soup diet, which involves eating predominantly cabbages all day everyday or liquid only diets where you are not allowed to eat any solid food. It is possible to lose weight following these programmes but due to the lack of variety in the food on offer, the majority of people can not maintain it for more than a day or two.

There is a saying that people eat with their eyes and it is definitely true. If your plate of food looks attractive to the eye, you will increase your enjoyment as you take each mouthful. Restrictive diets do not look very attractive and it will not take too long before you to start yearning for something else which will result in a failure in your diet.

If you have made the decision to lose weight, you have to accept that in order to gain positive long term results you need to make long term plans. This means taking the time to reduce your calorie intake bit by bit. It took a while for you to put on the weight so you should allow yourself the same sort of time scale to lose it by incorporating a balanced eating plan into your life.

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