Warm Food and Snack Ideas Perfect for Cold Days

I’m sure that lately you’ve probably noticed the changes in the weather too. The leaves are becoming colorful and fluttering to the ground, the days are shorter and the nights longer, and most of all you’re probably beginning to notice the cold bite of frost lingering in the air. Fall is when things start to cool off, but depending on where you live it’s the winters that can chill you to the core. Especially if you’re expecting frigid nights and snowy days it might be the time to stock up on the perfect remedy for a chilly morning or icy afternoon, something warm to eat or drink! Just in case you don’t have any already, here are some ideas for warm snacks to keep you and your family from becoming snow people this winter!


1. A hearty veggie or noodle soup

I’m sure you remember that Campbell’s commercial from when you were a kid, the one with the snowman tromping inside to the hot bowl of soup and turning back into a little boy. Well they had the right idea, but store bought soups can have all kinds of added sodium and other less than healthy preservatives so it’s safer and tastier to make it from scratch. A hearty vegetable soup is easy to pack with vitamins and a noodle or chicken noodle soup with whole wheat noodles (also packed with veggies!) is really filling and helps to warm you up from the inside out. Make big batches and you can freeze then reheat your soup as necessary for lunches, dinners, and snacks!

2. Hot Cider

You can share this one with the kids or have it traditionally as a more “spirited” party drink. Cider is a great way to warm your chilly bones and with a little bit of cinnamon added, you can have bit of spice with your sweetness. If you’re worried about sugars then maybe go for a more sugar free option like the store bought instant stuff which, while not quite as tasty as the real thing, still does a good job of keeping you warm without raising your blood sugar.

3. A slow cooker roast

Slow cookers are pretty much magic when it comes to making food because most recipes are just “put all of your ingredients in the thing and let it go for a few hours” and that’s the most complicated step. Roasts are a great choice for the slow cooker because after a long day at work or school in the cold, it’s nice to be able to just pull out an entire meal for everyone to enjoy. Great to start at the beginning of the day when you anticipate chilly weather everyone is going to need to recover from, just put all the veggies, seasonings, and the roast in the slow cooker and it will be ready when everyone gets home and is ready to eat!

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