Video Review: Xtreme Fatloss Diet

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a system that was created by fitness Expert Joel Marion and it has become an online bestseller that has sold thousands of copies. This product has been around for a couple of years and is still going strong because it works.

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The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet only lasts for 25 days. In this short period of time, you will go through carb depletion days, cheat days, lactic acid training and much more. The program is based on real science and how the body responds to nutrition and different types of training.

This is not an easy diet to follow and you absolutely must aim for 100% compliance. At the very last, a 95% compliance. Because the duration is so short and the program is so intense, there is a very small margin for error.

The program is structured into 5 sepcific diets that are combined with 5 specific training methods that complement the diets.

On Day 1, you will start with a “Cheat Day”. You are suppost to eat whatever you can in order to boost your leptin levels. This will encourage your metabolism to increase.

On Day 2, you’ll fast for the entire day. So, it’s like one day of feasting followed by one day of famine. During your fast day, you will consume copious amounts of water and BCAAs. The fast day will ensure that all the excess calories you consumed the day before are burnt off.

Day 3 is Shake Day and your diet will only be protein shakes.

Day 4 is Moderate Carb Day and the ratio of carbs to fats to protein in your diet will be 30:30:40.

Day 5 is Protein-Only Depletion Day. Once again, the goal of this day will be to eliminate all the carbs in your body and reduce the muscle glycogen levels in your body. You will top these up the next day which will be cheat day all over again.

What You Will LOVE About This Diet

The system is simple to understand and it’s all laid out for you to follow. You just need to comply with the instructions and plan given. The system works beautifully because Joel’s knowledge of nutrition and training has enabled him to create a short program that works very well. This is a proven weight loss system that has helped thousands.

The structure of the diet does not allow for nutrition deficiencies even though it may seem like you’re depriving yourself of food on some days. The emphasis is on changing the pattern of eating. This may be uncomfortable in the beginning because you will have food cravings, etc. However, it is the most effective way to burn fat in the shortest possible time.

The training program is varied. Ther are lactic acid workouts, density training, heavy strength training and dynamic training workouts in this program. It is well-rounded and the training is appropriate and complements the different diet each day.

What You Need To KNOW About This Diet

This is a tough program to follow. You will need to be very disciplined and motivated to see it through. The good news is that it’s only for 25 days and you can lose quite a bit of weight in a short period with Joel’s program.

The total cheat day is not advisable because you can undo the previous 4 days of hard work if you go overboard on your cheat day. Ideally, you should just aim for a caloric surplus of about 500 calories on your cheat day. Not more than that.

Wy You Need To GET This Diet

If you want to lose weight fast, the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet will really help you. This is a system that is perfect for people who are already quite lean but wish to shred off the last stubborn layer of fat.

For 25 days, you will be put through the mill with this program but you will definitely see more definition in your body once your bodyfat percentage starts entering the single digits.

If you are overweight or obese, this is not the program for you. You’re better off with a more gradual program such as Fat Diminisher. You will be able to lose weight at a pace which is more suitable for your level of fitness.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet like its name suggests is extreme and best suited for people who are used to eating clean, training hard and sticking to a plan with an above 95% compliance rate. If that’s you, this program is perfect for you.

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