Video Review: Fat Loss Factor

Starting the Fat Loss Factor entails 14 days in the beginning where you must get your body prepared to get rid of fat. To do this, you’ll need to go through the steps to cleanse your body.

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During this detox phase, your body will start to rid itself of harmful toxins. You have to go through this step to set yourself free from the food cycles you may be caught up in. For example, you may not realize that eating sugar sets you up so that your body craves more sugar. Any food and drink can create a craving for the toxins in that food. That’s why you need the detox.

You have to break that cycle.

While you’re doing this detox portion of the Factor, that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat anything, it means you’re going to be eating a whole lot healthier. Instead of the normal junk you’re used to feeding your body, you’ll be using the steps in this incredible program to eat healthy foods that are organic. You’ll swap out the calorie-laden, artery clogging foods for natural ones.

The reason this program is getting so many positive reviews is because it’s a program that’s set up so that you get to pick a level. The program works because unlike other programs, it knows that not everyone is at the same place with fitness. Out of the three levels, you can pick from beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Beginner is for people who are couch potatoes, who haven’t found a program that will work for them and for those who’ve struggled with fitness routines.

The advanced is for people who do watch their weight, who exercise but haven’t quite been able to get where they want to be physically.

Intermediate is the level for everyone between level 1 and 3.

The parts of the program cover everything you need to succeed. It walks you through the detox, and then starts you on the High Level Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT. This saves time because it can be done in shorter bursts than regular cardio.

When you get the Maximum Fat Burning, you’ll be eating smaller meals more often giving your body time to use the food for fuel. It’s a better way of eating for your body.

Something the program does great at too is recognizing that it’s okay to have a cheat time and eat whatever food your body wants. Giving you some times to eat whatever you want is what a lot of people like.

The last stage is strength training. As you’re going through the program, you’ll be learning how to shape your body, how to workout, what you need to eat to achieve the maximum results and what goals to follow.

During all this, you’ll also get coaching.

The program is perfect for people who desire a healthier body weight, people who are tired of muffin tops and for people who know there’s a better lifestyle available.

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