Understanding Homeopathic Medicine

The word homeopathy actually comes from the Greek word homios which means suffering. Homeopathy is a treatment method which is based upon the principal of administrating minuscule doses of a certain drug. If this drug was given in large amounts it would cause symptoms of the disease in a healthy person.

The medicines which are taken by an individual are made of natural sources and plants. Currently more than 60% are made from vegetable or plant material. Other sources of these medicines include using mineral salts, non-metallic substances and animal sources such as the cuttlefish, oyster shells and honeybee.

Homeopathic medicines are available as pills, powders, drops and by injection. Usually the only side effect that may be experienced by a patient is that commonly referred to as a healing aggravation. This basically means that a person would feel the symptoms temporarily. When this happens it is acknowledged that the homeopathic medicine is indeed working. Depending upon the strength of a homeopathic medicine that may be recognized in the US as a prescription drug or an over the counter remedy. These types of medicines are accepted as safe, non addictive and produce no unwanted side effects.

In fact many hospitals and doctors recommend these types of treatments for children, babies and seniors. If you are considering purchasing over the counter homeopathic medicines then consult your doctor first. This is especially true if you are taking any current medications. You would not want to risk an undesired reaction.

Homeopathic medicines have also been successfully used on pets and livestock. They have been used to treat stomach, arthritis, diarrhea and kidney problems in animals.

Tea tree oil is considered a homeopathic medicine and can be used to help animals and people dealing with sore throats, warts, burns, dermatitis and lice. Emu oil, Neem oil and Herring Oil are natural medicines that you may have heard of that fall into this same homeopathic category.

Herbal medicines are also being used to treat individuals dealing with depression and anxiety. The same concept of dealing with the symptoms and causes applies here too. The conditions are just treated with natural or herbal pills instead.

For anyone wanting to use any type of homeopathic medicine then thorough research is recommended first. Look into your choices and treatments and if necessary discuss dosages with a professional. By taking these additional steps you can be assured of finding the right natural treatment for your body.

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