Top 3 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

To err is human, when Alexander Pope wrote those words I doubt he was thinking of weight loss and nutrition. However, the statement still stands because when it comes to losing weight it’s incredibly easy to slip up and make a mistake. Even a seasoned dieter can fall victim to these pitfalls if they’re not careful. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking for a way to improve on your existing weight loss plan, here’s some nutrition mistakes that you should be watching out for.

1. Thinking all “healthy” foods are good for you.

This one is more common with beginner dieters who are still learning the ins and outs of what should be on the menu. There are a lot of good foods out there that can work really well with your diet, but not all of them are good choices for everyone. Your food choices should be tailored to your diet and goals, don’t just start eating foods because they’re considered healthy without looking at how they affect your weight loss. Additionally, there are also foods out there that might seem like a healthy choice but in the end aren’t quite what we thought. Take fruit juice for example, fruit is healthy right? Well a lot of store bought brands add a ton of sugar to their juice so while it may have been what mom and dad gave us when we had a cold it might not be what we’re looking for in our weight loss.

2. Cutting calories is the only way to get results.

This might seem like an obvious and immediate diet choice, but in fact it can be not only bad for you but dangerous as well. The mentality is that if you eat less you won’t gain as much weight, but in actuality your body needs those calories and carbs to function. If you want to get rid of calories in your diet then you should think about modifying what your nutritional menu with healthy choices and balancing those new foods with exercise rather than trying to cut them out altogether.

3. Never “cheating” or eating off-limits foods.

This one is tough because it’s something that a lot of people struggle with even if they’re not dieting. There’s a pretty definite list of foods that you shouldn’t eat if you want to lose weight like cookies, cake, soda, etc. While these things aren’t good for your body when consumed in excess they can be good for your willpower in the short term when you log and moderate your intakes. It can be important to have cheat foods/snacks or cheat days/meals alongside your healthy meals because denying yourself certain foods altogether can put undue stress on your body and mind. Rather than stress out until you give up out of frustration, plan in some cheat foods to have alongside your nutritious choices and be sure log and moderate those choices as well. Just make sure those choices are worth it, be sure to pick your favorites over just anything you have on hand.
These are three common but simple to avoid nutrition mistakes, just keep an eye out and you’re sure to sail right on by them.

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