Review: Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Program Deluxe Kit

I’ve always been a sort of fanatic about trying to find workout programs that actually work. I’ve just about done them all, from fads that have left me burnt out and long term programs that end up being more expensive and time consuming that they’re worth, in an effort to find one that works for me. Tony Horton’s 22 minute “Hard Corps” workout program was definitely up there in the effort required department but I could hardly argue with the results when I was finished.

First of all let me say that they’re not joking when they describe these workout DVDs as “no nonsense”. It’s no joke when they say that you could see boot camp results in as little as eight weeks, I felt like I had just been drafted after my first one! These workouts are tough and demanding, but I never really felt like at any point they were out of my reach. While they were difficult and strenuous to complete I always felt like I could complete them without having to stop or take a break. That being said, it did feel like it was just about the longest 22 minutes of my life.

The 22 minute per day workouts were tough, but let’s take a look at what else the Hard Corps workout program’s deluxe kit had to offer. Right out of the box it had a quick start guide that helped me to get an understanding of what the program was all about and I really appreciated the “rations” (nutrition and meal planning) guide along with a workout calendar. I like having structure with my fitness, it helps me stay organized and get things done.

The seven color coded portioning containers were great. I had some of my own portion containers before I got this program, but having them color coded was a nice addition. The 26 oz shaker cup was great for mixing shakes and drinks (and it works for non-workout stuff too but don’t tell anyone I said that) and the variable resistance sandbag helped to add a little bit of extra oomph to my workouts both with and without the Hard Corps program. While I wouldn’t say that this kit is for the faint of heart, it’s definitely not for someone who wants to lose weight and get fit casually. However, if you’re serious about getting results then this kit will push you to your limits and help you start seeing the changes you’ve been looking for.

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