Tasty Treats Under 100 Calories

One thing that will prevent people from sticking to their healthy eating plan is that fact that they miss their sweet treats. This can be a stumbling block and a major factor in the failure of a diet. However it is possible to still eat the foods that you love without overdoing it on the calorie front. It is all about making the right choices and adapting the foods you like by seeking out healthier alternatives.

Here are a few suggestions that you could include in your healthy eating plan and still watch the weight fall off.

If you are working hard to reduce the amount of calories that you are eating then you want to make sure that you do not completely change everything that you eat because this is usually the route to disaster. What you need to do is to replace the everyday foods that you eat with versions that contain fewer calories or reduce the size of your food portions.

Sweet Treats Under 100 Calories

If you have a sweet tooth it can be difficult to stick to a diet where all the sugary stuff has been removed from the eating plan. If you enjoy a cookie with your cup of tea or coffee then you can still enjoy this but instead of emptying the whole cookie jar, you have to reprogramme your brain into accepting that you only need to eat one or two in order to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here are few sweet options that you can stock your cupboards with that contain 100 calories or less.

2 Jaffa Cakes
2 Fingers of Kit Kat
1 Fruit Popsicle
1 Skinny Cow ice cream
1 small mango
1 Chocolate Granola Bar
1 low fat yoghurt
1 small pack of dried fruit
2 scoops low fat fruit sorbet
1 cup of sugar free hot chocolate

Savoury Treats Under 100 Calories

If you are the type of person who prefers savoury snacks then here are some great options for you that also contain 100 calories or less.

1 small packet of lightly salted popcorn
1 small packet low fat potato chips
2 lightly buttered oatcakes
2 crackers with a thin layer of peanut butter
1 Mini BabyBel Light Cheese
16 pimiento-stuffed olives
8 cashew nuts
3 celery sticks loaded with low fat cottage cheese
1 small glass of champagne
1 hard boiled egg

This is just a small selection of the type of sweet or savoury snacks that you can enjoy that contain 100 calories or less. The great thing is that if you go for a brisk walk, you can burn off these calories in around 15 minutes. So a fantastic idea is to go for a walk first and you can reward yourself with your low calorie treat.

If you want to find more treats that contain less than 100 calories then it is time to start reading the labels and packaging on your favourite foods when you go shopping. You can then make a really informed decision about choosing the best low calorie foods and also seek out better alternatives that will provide you with the treat you crave but without the guilt.

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