Structured Diets vs Personal Weight Loss Plans

So we’ve been discussing the virtues of using structured diets to get started with your weight loss and eventually swapping to a more personalized approach, but what are the real differences between staying on a structured diet and actually making the change? At first glance it might not seem like there’s much difference at all between the two, they both help you to lose weight and they both help to manage your diet and exercise routine. While it may seem similar in the beginning, the difference between a structured diet and a personal weight loss plan can easily be the difference between a successful and failed diet!

First of all, structured diets can be flexible in some areas but are more or less “set in stone” or so to speak. These diets have set methods for losing weight whether that be cutting carbs, modifying caloric intake, or extreme exercise regimens. Their biggest weakness is that they assume that because their method works on the whole, that it will work for everyone and that simply isn’t true. Personal weight loss plans on the other hand are personalized plans that you develop yourself, something you’re comfortable with and capable of following because you chose it.

Personal weight loss plans are great, but their biggest hurdle is coming up with them in the first place and this is where structured diets tend to pull ahead (at least at first). If you’re not intimately familiar with nutrition or how to balance food and exercise, then putting together a plan personalized to you can be a daunting task. Meanwhile structured diets do that work for you, doing the hard work of balancing nutrition and planning meals without much effort other than preparing or heating them.

Last and definitely not least, personalized meal plans feel more, well, personal! It’s something that you’ve worked hard on for yourself so you’re more likely to stick with it since you’re the one who worked to build it. Structured diets can feel kind of hollow and easy to pick up or put down just because they seem like they’re not working the way you want. Like picking up a jacket at the store, if it doesn’t fit well or feels uncomfortable you’re going to take it right back off. But if it’s something you tailored to fit yourself you’re going to want to keep trying and changing it until it fits just the way you want it to. Structured diets can work well to start, but don’t let flashy promises distract you from your real goal of transitioning to a permanent, healthy lifestyle.

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