Review: Power Block Elite Dumbbells

I’ve always preferred working out at home rather than going to the gym for equipment. The commute is frustrating, the crowds and wait for the machines and weights I want to use are a pain, and worst of all there’s no telling how clean a lot of communal use equipment is and whether or not someone is coming in sick. The only problem is I don’t have a lot of space to store big equipment like an exercise machine and I don’t want to get equipment sets because storage is a hassle. PowerBlock Elite dumbbells take all that worry away with their simple design and versatile usability.

With traditional weight sets you mostly have to worry about where you’re going to keep them all. They come in pairs so you’re going to have to find space for two dumbbells per weight set and as you get stronger you’re going to need bigger and bigger weights to accommodate you which can add up in the space consumption department pretty quickly. The PowerBlock Elites are self-contained, so you only ever need enough space for the two of them to have the entire set.

I really liked their modular design, it lets me set up the exact weight I want to use and store away the additional expansion pieces that I don’t want to use without a hassle. When I’m done working out, I just set them all together and put them away in the closet (or wherever you’re keeping them). Since they have such a wide range of available weights (starting as low as 2.5 lbs and going all the way up to 90) they replace an incredibly wide range of weights. It’s nice to have all of my different weights in one place so I don’t run the risk of them become separated and lost or damaged.

One of the major points that originally held me back from the PowerBlock Elites is the price. They’re not cheap by any means, but when you look at it objectively their value becomes easy to see. They’re cheaper than a lot of big machines and they save you in space which can be even more valuable if you’re working out in an area with space constraints, not to mention how easy it is to keep all of your weights in just two units. Don’t let the steeper initial costs hold you back from picking these up, they’re well worth it if you’re worried about having enough room to store your equipment at home.


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