Review: Just Dance 2015

The Just Dance series is probably the most popular and well known dance video game series out there, and for good reason. They offer fun yet do-able choreography, tons of today’s popular hits songs, classic hits, and a lot of tools for helping you get in shape! They also have some great options to keep it fun for parties and families.

In my opinion, the biggest thing that sets Just Dance aside from other dance games is the scoring system. In most games you have to do well enough or you fail out and it can be really difficult if you’re not too fit or great at dancing. In Just Dance you won’t fail, but your points are based on how well you follow the dance. You get bonus points for being more active and moving your body more than just the minimum movement required to hit the proper pose. It’s all about having fun and moving.

I’m not the best dancer so it’s nice that I can turn on a song I like and do my very best without failing out and having to start over halfway through the song. It makes dancing for exercise so much more enjoyable!

The game also has a few multiplayer options including party play drop in and drop out (people can come and go as they please), competitive mode, and online modes.

The Xbox versions require the Kinect to play and offer hands free dancing which is a huge plus if you have either version of Xbox. The Playstation 3 will require the PS move, while the Playstation 4 version requires either the Playstation Move or a smartphone with the Just Dance app. The Wii and Wii U versions require no extra hardware.

All versions include the same songs as well as the ability to buy more songs so don’t feel like you need to hold out for a specific system! Just get it for the system you have and play the most.

I really love the workout mode. You pick how long you want to work out and you can either pick songs or pick random and it’ll play songs nonstop until your workout time is over. It’ll tell you how many calories you burned during your workout as well as your score so you can keep track of your progress! It’s such a fun way to get a workout.

If you want to get the kids involved, you can either give them a controller or just have them follow along next to you. They’ll have a great time either way!

I really appreciate the ability to buy more songs if I want more variety, though this Just Dance has more songs than any other Just Dance game released so far! It gives the game so much value. You won’t get tired of it.


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