An active family is a happier and healthy family, especially when they take time to be active together, but it can be hard to find good activities the entire family can do together. The FITIVITIES set was originally built for classrooms and events, but it’s perfect for a family fun day as well!

The kit includes 20 different physical activities to get everyone up and moving and include modifications for different age groups. You can play the game with as few as 2 people and work up to 24 people so don’t be shy about inviting over your kids’ friends to join in.

Once you have the game you’ll also have the perfect entertainment for birthday parties, sleep overs, family reunions, and more.

The game is a race type board game where getting up and moving around is required to win. You can play inside or outside.

The game comes with a game board, 4 dice, 4 pawns, and 4 spinners. The board goes on the floor in the middle of your play area and you split into 2-4 teams of even numbers. Each time puts their pawn at the start and they take turns rolling the dice to see how many spaces they move.

The space will tell you which exercise you have to do. There are modifications for people of different physical abilities so small children and older grandparents will also be able to get involved. The leader will move the piece and come back to tell the team which exercise they’re going to do. They then spin the spinner to see how many times they have to do the exercise.

You can also land on bad sections such as “move back two spaces” or “move back to the start”. Once the team finishes their exercises, it’s the next team’s turn. Whichever team makes it to the end first, wins!

The game may sound simple, but it’s incredibly fun and addicting! Kids of all ages seem to get interested (and adults too). You’ve got lots of fun movements, plenty of laughing and fun together, and just a hint of competition.

The only real drawback is that you do need a bit of space to play. The board is 3 ½ feet by 4 feet and you’ll need room for everyone to stand to do the exercises. Make sure you aren’t too close to anything that could get broken if you’re playing inside.

Reviewers on Amazon give it a 4.7/5 stars and say that even their teenage children enjoyed playing. Many cited that it was perfect for parents who home school and need a gym class activity or parents with kids who play a lot of video games and need more exercise.

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