Review: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

Check out this review of the 21 Day Weight Loss Plan – Walk On!

Let me just start off by saying how much I love walking as an exercise. It’s the ultimate no effort required way to burn calories, you don’t have to spend a ton on expensive equipment or a gym membership and you can do it just about anywhere even in a limited space environment. The most important thing you can do when walking for your health is to simply get out there and do it, so when I heard about the Walk On 21 Day Weight Loss Plan I was ecstatic.

One of the biggest issues I usually have with workouts is that they often don’t take into account whether or not someone is physically active enough to just jump right into them. That’s why I’m such a big advocate for low impact walking exercises like the Walk On 21 Day Weight Loss Plan. The Walk On plan doesn’t just focus on walking, but all of the exercises are walking based and have varied difficulties ranging from beginner to advanced. There are four different thirty minute exercises routines with videos shot in sunny Miami so even if you’re working out in the dead of winter you can still get some sun on your face.

I like walking for exercise, but I was really interested to try out all of the different “walking based” exercise routines. The four different 30-minute sessions included exercises like 30 minutes of cardio, 350 degree abs training and even a low impact HIIT (high impact interval training, alternating sessions of action and rest to maximize results) session and the only piece of required equipment was a high backed chair. It does come with a list of additional optional equipment I could be using as well, but the only thing I really needed to actually complete the workouts was the chair.

All in all, I was really impressed with how varied the workouts were even if all of them were based on some form of walking exercise. At just thirty minutes apiece I was easily able to fit each exercise session in per day which is great because I definitely had some days that were a lot busier than others. This 21-day workout plan is absolutely fantastic even if you’re just starting to get into fitness and makes for a great, low impact way to get in some extra exercise daily whether you’re a beginner dieter or seasoned pro. Definitely worth picking up right away if you’re looking for an interesting, new way to work out.


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