Quick Healthy Breakfasts For On the Way to School or Work

One of the biggest problems with eating healthy is finding the time to make food that is actually healthy for you. This is especially difficult if you have a time crunch in the morning while everyone is rushing back and forth trying to get ready for work or prepare for school. However, the busier the morning, the more important it is to have something healthy to eat to get the day started right. Here’s some ideas for quick and easy breakfasts that can be made in a hurry before you head out to work or to take the kids to school.

1. Apple Granola Sandwiches

Nothing gets the day started off right like some fresh fruit and what better way to enjoy that than adding a little bit of protein and fiber to it in a fresh and tasty way that only takes minutes to make. The recipe is easy, all you need is a fresh apple of your favorite variety, some almond or peanut butter, and some of your favorite loose granola. Core the apple and cut it into slices, top with your nut butter of choice, sprinkle granola, and eat open face or with a second apple slice! Tasty, fresh, and easy!

2. English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

Kids love pizza and you can get a tasty treat for yourself while you’re at it that’s healthy and easy to make, though it may take a little bit of prep work. Start by making sure you have some hard boiled eggs ready in the fridge. When you’re ready for breakfast, toast some English muffins and top with tasty, healthy choices like a slice of tomato, some olive oil, slices of hardboiled egg, and a little bit of cheese. Broil until the cheese melts and your “pizza” is nice and toasty and it’s ready to go!

3. “Egg in a Hole” Toast

These yummy treats are as fun to make as they are to eat and they’re easy and fast to cook to boot. Start by using a cookie cutter (or similar tool) to cut the centers out of bread slices and lightly oil one side of the bread. Place the bread into your pan oiled side up and let the bread start to crisp. Once the bottom is ready, flip the bread and crack your egg into the hole in the center of your bread, allowing it to cook into your now toast, adding a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. You can let the egg cook all the way through or remove a little early if you and your kids like runny centers!

Breakfast doesn’t have to take forever, you can make healthy and delicious breakfasts in minutes without having to worry if you’ll have enough time to get the kids out the door in time to leave yourself!

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