Review: Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Monitor With Heart Rate Monitor

With all of the activity trackers on the market, it sure is hard to find one that also includes a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is the only way to get an accurate idea of how many calories are burned from most cardio workouts. The pedometer function of most activity trackers is only effective for walking and running (and a heart rate monitor is more accurate for that as well).

Polar is known for making high quality and affordable heart rate monitors. Well, they’ve finally decided to break into the activity tracker market with a series of models with and without heart rate monitors.

The model I’m reviewing is a mid-grade model called the A300. It’s the lowest priced option that includes a heart rate monitor but there is also a more expensive option that includes built-in GPS.

Here’s why I totally love this Polar Activity Tracker.

It tracks activity and sleep just like most trackers.

Integrates easily with MyFitnessPal

If you also get the H7 sensor it’ll even work under water!

It’ll alert you if you’re inactive for too long which is great if you spend a lot of time working at a desk or have a habit of becoming a couch potato at home.

The free Polar app works for Android and iOS

The Fitness Test feature will measure how your overall fitness improves with time.

The EnergyPointer feature tells you while you exercise if the main effect is fat burning or fitness improvement.

Polar offers the most accurate calorie counter available on the market. Your data is based on your weight, height, age, gender, and how intense your physical activity is, which can be measured more accurately thanks to the heart rate monitor.

By syncing with the Polar Flow app you can get motivating feedback as soon as you’re done exercising!

The watch is charged via USB but holds a charge for up to a month.

This particular model has a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon. The biggest complaints are that you have to manually sync rather than the tracker automatically syncing with the app and you can’t turn off the beeping sound it makes when you press buttons. People love how accurate the heart rate monitor is and that it can be used for swimming.

If you’re done bothering with cheaper fitness trackers and are ready to start tracking your fitness with as much accuracy and feedback as possible, the Polar Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor is your best and only real choice.

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