Killing the Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret that once October rolls around that in addition to all the spooky and silly decorations you’ll find popping up in stores, you’re also going to see tons and tons of sales on candy that get even cheaper once the 31st finally rolls around. For the average person these huge candy discounts are a dream come true, but it can be more like a nightmare if you’re on a diet and even worse if you’ve got a sweet tooth to contend with. Luckily you’re not out of luck if you’re sitting there wishing you could be out there with a pillow case collecting goodies instead of your kids, there are great options for satisfying that sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank.

While most parents won’t let their kids take home made treats from strangers that’s no reason that you can’t make them yourself. When you can control all the ingredients that go into your sweets and treats, you can portion and manage how healthy they are. Take popcorn balls for example, they’re light and low in fat and calories and with a light sprinkling of sweetness they can taste great without tipping the scales. They make great edible decorations to hang around the house that you can make as a family, too!

If you’re a chocolate lover that absolutely can’t live without your favorite delicious Halloween treat, then there’s still a way you can get your fix without having to worry (as much) about what you’re eating. As opposed to the average Hershey bar, getting a higher quality dark chocolate bar can actually have some beneficial health effects as a good source of antioxidants in addition to having a richer cocoa flavor. Just be sure to check what % the cacao in your bar is to make sure you’re not getting cheated out of the taste. If you can’t find something you like at the store, it’s another good time to make some yourself with high quality ingredients so you know you’re only putting the best into your body and you can control the portions too!

For some of us, however, dietary restrictions can be harsh and it can be even worse if you’re watching your intakes for diabetes or other medically inclined reasons. If possible you should lean towards sugar free options and never eat something that you can’t get definite nutrition facts with. The last thing you want is to snack on something you think will be alright only to find that it’s sending your blood sugar through the roof and sending your calories off track. All in all it comes down to watching your nutrition information and picking healthier and tastier options rather than going for discount chocolates and candies that will leave you with the same bellyache you might remember from your childhood.

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