Getting the Kids Involved In Healthy Food Prep

Even if you’re not trying to lose weight or get healthy, I’m sure that as a parent you’ve noticed that it’s especially difficult to get children to eat their vegetables. While this isn’t true of all children, there are those brave souls who have no problems with their peas and carrots, it can sometimes be difficult to get kids to try new foods at all, much less ones that don’t have a terribly enticing flavor. However there’s one easy way to get your kids to eat their veggies and turn dinner into a family affair and that’s by having them help you with preparing your dinners!

Kids are always curious and they’re always interested in what you’re doing so why not engage that curiosity and have them help you out when it comes to making meals. Even if you don’t have them help you with chopping vegetables or using the stove, you can at least have them help you by washing ingredients before they’re cooked and even bringing them along when you pick up food at the store. Kids are much more likely to accept a vegetable or other “unwanted” food on their dinner plate if they helped pick it out themselves.

Another good way to get your kids to want to eat their vegetables is if they had a hand in growing them! You can get your kids interested in nature and veggies at the same time with a small garden patch or, if you don’t have the room outdoors, a small indoor planter. Help them pick out the seeds and they’ll watch their veggies grow from sprouts into the foods they’ll help you wash and prepare for dinner! It’s perfect for teaching your kids about responsibility and healthy eating at the same time and they’ll appreciate their food more when they’re the ones that worked hard to grow it.

Helping with dinner isn’t just for younger kids either, get the whole family in the kitchen when you’re making dinner. The adults can handle all of the important work involving hot surfaces while you have your kids get the ingredients ready and set the table. The work will go faster and you can enjoy spending time together as a family. So the next time you’re puzzling over how to work around your picky eater’s appetite for your next meal, just include them in the preparation process and see how much more excited they are to eat something that they helped you make!

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