Kick Your Excuses in the Butt and Get Fit

Many people hate to exercise. They even hate the thought of it and come up with all kinds of excuses. Here are the top three and ways you can overcome them.

1) Exercise makes me sore – Yes, exercise can make you sore. If you’ve been sitting around for a long time and start moving your body, you can expect soreness. However, you can lessen the amount of soreness by starting off small. Don’t try to jump in with an advanced aerobics class and expect to keep up. Your muscles need time to adjust and become supple again.

Try doing yoga stretches. You may still feel some soreness, but getting your muscles limber and flexible is a great way to get started. When you do start adding more strenuous exercise, your muscles will be better prepared.

Work up in small increments and keep track of your progress. In a few months you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve progressed and wonder why you ever used that excuse.

2) I’m busy and don’t have time – This may be the most used excuse out there. Everyone is busy and no one really has time for exercise, but people do make time for it. In fact, it’s usually the busiest people who stick to an exercise routine. When you feel better and have more energy, you’re able to do more in a days time.

You have to make exercise a priority. In the beginning you will probably feel more tired and wonder what you’re doing this for. Stick with it and over time your energy will increase. You may even start to enjoy the benefits you gain from exercise and want to keep it up.

If your schedule is that tight, is it possible to give up some TV time, or even workout while you watch TV? Maybe you could get up half an hour earlier than normal and start taking a walk or doing some stretches.

3) Exercise is boring – Some exercise can be boring. You should always try to find things you enjoy doing and do those. If you hate kickboxing, don’t do it. You’ll only find an excuse to skip it. Maybe you enjoy dancing. You can always put on some good music and dance around the house. It can be exercise and it can be fun too.

If swimming is your thing, check out the local pool so you can go more often. If you live in an area that has a heated pool, you’ll be able to swim year round.

The point is to get your heart rate up and your joints moving. This will keep them lubricated and will help improve your overall health.

You should be aware that not everyone who works out actually loves the process of working out. They do it anyway because they enjoy how it makes them feel. They enjoy wearing stylish clothes and not feeling bloated or like everything is too tight.

Exercise doesn’t have to be your thing, but if you want to feel and look better and lose weight, you have to get over the excuse and just do it.

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