What Do I Do If My Structured Diet Isn’t Working?

When you’re trying to lose weight you should always go into it with a positive mindset that’s focused on success, but the fact of the matter is that you’re likely going to see failure a lot before you finally find that success. Because of how structured diets work they usually work really well for people trying to reach a specific goal but trying to find a structured diet (out of all of your available options) that works perfectly for you is like trying on shirts in different styles that only have one size each. You’re going to find some that fit well in some places but not others but for the most part it’s only going to be bits and pieces here and there.

That being said, one of the things that you have to look for is the signs that your structured diet simply isn’t working out for you at all. Consider that you may be starting a diet from scratch so you should never expect immediate results, which is why there are other good signs that your diet is working for you. One of the biggest signs that a diet is working is that you feel comfortable with it and that you’re actually understanding the things it’s trying to teach you. If you feel tired or hungry (from dietary and fitness changes) or are simply having a hard time wrapping your head around why you’re doing something, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

So here’s the big question, what should you do if you find yourself in a diet that isn’t working? Well, you have two real options available: you can either fix what isn’t working or you can give it up altogether. The first option is something that you should be doing anyway in preparation for transitioning into your own, personalized plan eventually. Look for the things that don’t fit well with what your goals are or don’t mesh well with your lifestyle and tweak them until they start to work for you. Eventually you’ll find yourself in a working routine that’s getting the results you’re looking for, which was your end goal anyway!

The other option is to give up on that particular diet completely. Sometimes you need to learn that the effort just isn’t worth it. Maybe the nutrition just isn’t working out for you, you might be cutting too much too quickly or be forced to eat foods that you don’t enjoy (which is never something you should have to do). Also if your diet isn’t giving you the nutrition information you’re looking for about why you’re eating what it’s telling you to eat then it’s probably not something you’ll want to continue with. At the end of the day the reason you’re using a structured diet is to eventually build into something that can really help you lose the weight you want. If your structured diet isn’t working for you, then find something that is (whether that’s a whole new diet or just some changes to make it fit better) and go with that instead!

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