How Can I Tell If I am Falling for A Fad Diet?

The world of dieting can be a difficult and confusing one to traverse. Unless you’re carefully picking and choosing your sources, you run the risk of being bombarded with incorrect and sometimes even downright false information with the intent of making a quick buck. There are a ton of reputable, worthwhile structured diets that can earn you real progress but for every good diet out there you’ll run into a dozen that are cash driven pitfalls. If you’re worried about falling for a fad diet instead of settling on something that really works, take a minute to think about these points.


1. Does the diet focus on one single aspect?

Pay close attention to whether or not your diet of choice is focusing really hard on a single point or aspect of your diet. A healthy and successful diet is well-rounded and will incorporate all the different facets of weight loss in order to be successful. Any diet that just focuses on burning calories or managing nutritional content is only looking for short term progress.


2. Is it trying to sell you a miracle tool?

This is a common one when it comes to the weight loss industry. A lot of companies try to prey on people who are incredibly busy and just want to lose weight quickly. They’ll advertise a miracle herb, pill, powder, or piece of equipment that will magically help you to lose weight with little to no effort. The worst part is that sometimes these things work, there are pills out there that burn off water weight for quick and easy pounds that will come right back after you’ve spent the money and taken the pill. Hard work is the key to successful healthy lifestyle changes, don’t trust any diet that comes in pill form.


3. Are the promises they’re making realistic?

Just like miracle tool salesmen, another angle to approach from is promising that you’ll lose a huge amount of weight in a short period of time. They’re trying to target people looking to lose weight in a hurry for a big event like a wedding, party, vacation, etc. The average healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is roughly two pounds per week. Some diets promise progress like “20 pounds in your first month!” which is indeed possible but it works on the same principle as burning easy fat pounds and water weight. These diets won’t help you in the long term and they’re definitely not teaching you the sustainable practices that you’ll need to lose weight seriously.

Weight loss needs to be taken seriously if you want to really lose those pounds. Letting yourself get sidetracked with fad diets is a waste of money, time, and effort that could have been spent on bettering your life through healthy lifestyle change. So the next time you see a diet that you’re curious about, ask yourself if it’s really possible or if it’s just too good to be true (which it probably is)!

I wish you all the best results for a healthy weight loss.

Warm Regards
Benno Siegrist



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