Review: HearthSong Giant Bowling Game

Bowling is a great activity for getting everyone together and active, but sometimes it’s just unreasonable to go to the alley. It costs money every time you go, you have to get everyone in the car and drive there, the cost of renting shoes… plus you lose out on great outside play time!

This giant inflatable bowling set is really wonderful because it works inside or outside, you can deflate it for storage, and it’s simply more fun and active than plain old bowling!
The ball is huge but still light enough for small children to pick up and roll. It’s also fun for playing catch. They’re perfect for parties, picnics, or just a family play day in the yard.
The pins are all 29 inches tall so they’re a nice big target and easy to hit. Kids will be excited to see them and play with them. You may have to work a bit to keep them on the task of bowling. It seems most kids have a habit of picking them up and immediately using them like bats! Of course, that could be fun too.

Really, the best thing about the giant bowling game is that everyone is outside, running around, having a great time.

There are a few negatives worth mentioning.
The set comes with a foot pump rather than an electric pump so blowing up this entire set is going to be a workout on its own. If you want to be able to deflate and reinflate it often I would highly recommend getting an electric pump. The ball is also a large plastic ball with a cloth cover to look like a bowling ball so you’ll want to be careful not to rip the fabric.
The number one complaint is that the picture used shows the pins a bit larger than they are. They’re 29 inches tall so keep that in mind.
The bottoms are rigid and have some cardboard in them so they have no issues standing in grass, even with a bit of wind. Be sure to get everyone involved in picking up the pins and setting them back up so everyone gets plenty of exercise.
Your family will love outdoor bowling (young children may particularly enjoy using their body to run into and knock over all of the pins rather than using the ball) as well as coming up with their own unique and fun rules to play by! Get creative and this could be one of the best ways to get your family outside and active you’ve ever seen.


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