Healthy versus Tasty

When the holidays roll around each year everyone has something different that they look forward to. Some people get excited to see the changing of the leaves and weather while others might like watching people decorate their houses, but it’s pretty universal that just about everyone loves the delicious holiday foods and snacks that come with the fall and winter seasons. The only problem with these super tasty snacks is that most of the time they come with a ton of unhealthy baggage like sugars and fats that can do serious damage to your weight loss. Here are some tips for choosing snacks that taste great without giving in to the dark side of unhealthy eating.

1. Flavor doesn’t always have to mean fattening.

When you think of holiday foods you’re usually thinking of piles of Halloween candy or Christmas and Thanksgiving spreads loaded with all kinds of high calorie foods. While this is typically true of holiday food, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are tons of great substitutions and swaps that you can make with your favorite holiday foods that turn all those unnecessary calories into something much healthier without sacrificing the taste. A quick check online can give you some great resources that can give you tips on ingredient or even entire side dish substitutions that you can try ahead of time to see how they taste (just don’t go overboard testing!) before you serve them at a holiday party.

2. Be smart, stay informed!

Those little info boxes are on the back of foods for a reason, use them! When you’re preparing holiday foods, keep track of the nutrition facts of the dishes that you’re making or just make sure you know what good portioning is for popular holiday snacks and meals. When you’re armed with nutrition knowledge, you don’t have to worry about messing up your diet because you’ll know what’s safely within your dietary needs.

3. Choose your battles.

While portioning and keeping track of food facts are both important, it’s equally important that you don’t break your own willpower by denying yourself foods just because they don’t fit within your meal plan. Unless it’s essential or medically required you stay away from some of your faves, don’t feel guilty about having a little within reason. Working yourself to the bone to resist tasty treats only hurts your focus in the long run, if you have to give in then make sure it’s something that’s your absolute favorite and don’t go overboard with it. Once you’ve indulged a little then get right back on track with your now satisfied sweet tooth.

You don’t always have to give up your favorite flavors this holiday season, make smart food choices instead and you’ll be able to stick to your diet without feeling like you missed out!

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