Healthy Food Suggestions Everyone Will Enjoy

When you’re trying to kick unhealthy habits for your whole family it’s a good idea to consider changing up the regular menu to include healthier options across the board. That usually means having healthy snacks as well as making sure to have ingredients on hand for nutritious meals as well. The only problem is, the more people in your family the more different kinds of tastes everyone has which can be a problem when you’re trying to cook something that everyone is going to like. Even worse when you have picky eaters that shy away from particularly healthy choices like veggies and greens that are essential to a balanced diet. Let’s take a look at some meal ideas that everyone is sure to love at the table.

If you’re having trouble sneaking vegetables into a meal, try disguising them with something else by preparing them with or in something that your kids won’t recognize. Making a healthy casserole or mac and cheese is a great way to get broccoli, cauliflower, and other tasty and nutritious vegetables onto their plate without them even noticing. These choices work great because they’re foods that can be prepared with a wide variety of spices or in many different ways, giving you plenty of options for how to make them or what to include. Soups and stews are another good option with a lot of different ways to prepare them that leaves room for plenty of healthy additions to the ingredient list. You can make them as simple or as complex as you’d like and they make great leftovers as well.

As far as breakfast, try getting rid of the sugary, marshmallow-filled cereal in favor of some healthier morning options. A good multi-grain bread that makes tasty toast and has plenty of fiber will get everyone’s day started off right, especially if you have plenty of tasty toppings. Try to go for no sugar added fruit spreads or, barring allergy, keep healthy and tasty protein filled nut butters available as well. If someone in your family has a sweet tooth, try keeping light or Greek yogurt and some fresh fruit in the fridge for a nice morning boost.

Last but not least it’s a good idea to think about eliminating unhealthy snacks from your home as well. Junk food like candy and greasy, fatty chips are only going to weight everyone down energy and body wise. Fresh fruit makes a fantastic alternative and tastes just as sweet, especially when fresh. For the active members of your family, protein snacks like jerky (homemade is great, but check store bought labels for nutrition facts) and nuts or trail mix and granola are perfect. Try keeping some of these healthy alternatives available or cooking one healthy meal a week while everyone gets used to the new foods and slowly let your healthy choices replace unhealthy meals and snacks altogether!

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