Good Snacks to Take While Walking

Fitness and diet go hand in hand so of course while you’re trying to get healthy while walking, you should also be looking at what you decide to eat while you’re out on your walk. Especially if you plan on taking a bit of an extended walk you should have a little pick me up with you so you don’t get hungry or risk injury from getting dizzy from not eating while you’re out. Let’s take a look at some good walking snack choices.

Trail mix is an obvious good choice, especially if you make, package, or mix it yourself. A lot of store bought mixes can be good, but if you’re not careful you’ll end up with something that values flavor over effectiveness. Granola and nuts are good carbs and protein while dehydrated fruit is good for enjoying a little bit of sweetness while you’re out on a walk. Just make sure that whatever kind of mix that you use is balanced so you don’t throw off your dietary goals while you’re walking.

Another good option is going right for protein based snacks, though you also have to be careful with them. Healthy options like string cheese (skim helps to cut fats here as well) and jerky will help give you the energy to burn and also taste great as well. Jerky can be kept in a pouch or in your pocket, but it’s a good idea to have any kind of dairy product cooled or refrigerated unless you’re only going to be out for a short while. In either case you should make sure that whatever you bring is small enough to fit in your pocket unless you’re bringing some kind of bag or pack with you.

Additionally you should always be making sure to keep water available at all times, either in a pack or hands free hydration device or just in a bottle or bottle carrier at your side or in your pocket. If you’re going out somewhere to take your walks, consider keeping a small cooler in the trunk or back seat of your car with some ice or an ice pack for cold water when you finish your walk.

Just as important as what to eat, it’s important to look at foods that you should be avoiding while you’re out walking. One of the major pitfalls for hydration is cracking open a soda before, after, or during any kind of exercise. The sugar may give you a temporary boost of energy and an icy coke may taste good, but the crash from the sugar, the unnecessary calories from the drink itself, and the false hydration only hurts your exercise efforts. Similarly stay away from candy and candy bars as well. While they may be pocket and “snack” sized, these sugary and carb filled pitfalls only end up doing more harm than good, though a balanced granola bar makes a solid alternative.

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