Review: Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

This is the best yoga mat I’ve ever used.

Yoga has always been a great way to help get fit and lose weight. It improves your flexibility, helps you stretch muscles that wouldn’t normally receive proper attention, and it can also help you achieve a sense of calm and inner peace. Hot yoga (or Bikram yoga) is fantastic because the heat really helps you work your muscles to the max even more so than the regular version. The only problem is that it can get pretty sweaty in a hot yoga studio which can lead to slippage on your mat if you’re not careful.

That’s where the Gaiam Sol dry-grip yoga mat comes in handy, it’s the hot yogi’s best friend! The 5mm thick PVC mat is slip-free so you won’t go sliding off the mat and your mat won’t slip around on the floor as you stretch and bend. It’s not just durable and stable either, its PVC construction keeps germs and odor out of your mat so you don’t end up with stinky yoga equipment after each session. Being PVC it’s also safe for those of you out there with latex allergies.

The Gaiam Sol mat works well because its top coat “wicks away” moisture so you don’t end up with a sweaty, slippy even when temperatures in your yoga studio rise to the appropriate level. It’s also guaranteed free of the six most harmful phthalates (chemicals used to make plastic and vinyl soft and flexible) so you can do your yoga free of health concerns. It’s not just health conscious, the design of the mat is thick and comfortable to help cushion your joints and reduce the risk of injury.

When you get the Sol dry-grip mat you’re not just picking up a piece of equipment for short term use, these mats will stay with you for years. With proper care and storage you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of use out of it without risk of warping or tearing as is a concern with cheaper mats. These mats will hold their shape even under the toughest conditions and their moisture wicking design will even become more sticky as you get sweatier and sweatier! All in all whether you’re just getting into hot yoga and are looking for a mat that’s worth the investment or you’re looking for a new replacement mat because your last one fell apart, the Gaiam Sol dry-grip yoga mat is probably your best bet.


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