Baby Steps: Fitness by Degrees

If you’ve ever tried to get fit or go on a diet before, you know that you don’t just spend one day eating vegetables and lifting weights and wake up the next at your goal. That’s simply not how fitness works, if you could just do it all in one day then there probably wouldn’t be a single person in the world unhappy with their body. Getting healthy is a gradual process that takes hard work and commitment, something that can be a difficult task if you’re working to repair months or even years of damage you’ve done to your body.

Just like any long-term commitment, you have to take getting fit step by step and day by day. When you’re working together as a family to reach your fitness goals it can be quite a shock to just change everyone’s diet and force everyone to exercise all the time. Rather than sweeping the cupboards of junk food and setting up a workout regimen you should focus on one aspect of fitness at a time. That way you can make gradual changes that stick rather than fall victim to “quick fixes” that fall away after a few weeks.

One way to approach this is to look at which aspects of fitness that your family is lacking the most in. Maybe take a look at the cupboards and see if you’ve got more junk food and snacks than you do healthy alternatives. If that’s the problem don’t just toss it all in the trash, instead try starting by making sure that everyone has healthy food options to turn to instead and encourage them to go for those veggies and dip instead of chips. Little by little, stop picking up junk food altogether and make the full conversion to healthier snacking and eating and your kids won’t even notice!

As far as fitness just take it a step at a time here as well. Try planning a weekly family activity where everyone gets out of the house. Maybe go to a local park or a hiking trail and take in some nature outdoors. Once everyone is comfortable with that, step it up a bit and try getting outside more often even if it’s just to enjoy a walk around the neighborhood. You’ll be surprised how much fun you and your family have getting out and being active rather than sitting around watching TV on the couch, especially if you have a fun family activity or sport to look forward to!

No-one expects everything to change overnight and, being entirely honest, radical changes like that are rarely well received and are even less likely to stick. Taking baby steps towards your health and fitness goals makes the transition easy for the whole family and soon you’ll be living the healthier life you’ve always dreamed of!

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