Don’t Let Healthy Shift Into Unhealthy

Dieting and weight loss is all about making safe, sustainable choices that help to modify your current diet and nutrition into something that will help you reach and maintain a healthy desired weight. Losing weight isn’t about making it to a short term goal and going back to the way you were before you started dieting, that’s a good way to do a lot of work for nothing and end up right back where you started. It’s important to keep in mind that the changes you make to your lifestyle are something that you’re going to be sticking with for a long time.

It’s a bit of an interesting duality when it comes to weight loss, on one hand you need to develop a rigid plan you can stick with for the long term and on the other hand you need to keep your plan flexible enough to adapt to changes like plateauing and breaking through or the availability of healthy seasonal foods. You need to make sure that you have enough “wiggle room” on either side to adapt and make the changes necessary without deviating too far from the original intent of your plan and goals.
In the long term you need to keep in mind that sometimes it’s easy to make mistakes and you shouldn’t let misinformation turn into a long term commitment that hurts your progress. Keep abreast of new studies and nutrition research that help you to make an informed decision on how a food’s nutrition will affect you. Another important factor is making sure that the permanent changes you make to your lifestyle are ones you’re going to want to keep.
With that in mind you need to think about your allowances or “cheat days” when you plan your meals. If you’re worried about keeping your focus it is alright to occasionally give yourself a treat so long as it’s properly logged and accounted for with the rest of your nutrition and exercise. What you don’t want to end up with is the mentality that, because you’re doing so well, you can go back to adding in something that’s going to hurt your progress. For example deciding that because you’ve been watching what you eat so closely it’s alright to go back to drinking soda all the time because you’re watching what you eat. That kind of thinking is a slippery slope that can easily send you straight back down to where you started. This is why logging and tracking your progress is so important, making sure that your nutrition and exercise choices are ones that are helping you reach and maintain your healthy weight the way you want them to.

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