Comfort Foods and You

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s not the tasty snacks or sugary drinks that you have to worry about. When you know something is bad for you and you’re not absolutely craving or addicted to it then it’s easy to cut those unhealthy temptations out for your life. Foods that make you feel good just by eating them are what you have to watch out for and, more than anything, that means watching out for comfort foods. But to really deal with the problems that comfort foods cause, you need to look at how they affect your life.

Comfort foods can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Generally they’re something that they remember from their childhood, usually something aromatic that they remember their parents cooking as a favorite meal around the holidays. This can be a something fresh out of the oven like a tasty pie or roast, it’s usually something with a fragrant aroma that will send all those pleasant memories coming back to your mind’s eye. For others it’s a food that was a favorite or easy to get ahold of when they’re going through a stressful time like a favorite snack or kind of junk food. Either way these foods become a huge weakness for people on a diet because when a food makes you feel good it’s easy to let it back into your life even if you know it’s bad for you.

Comfort foods are especially tough around the holidays and during family gatherings because you’re more likely to run into them and I can’t imagine a family gathering where my grandmother didn’t urge me to try all my favorites because it’s “just once a year” and she didn’t want me to miss out. So how do you deal with comfort foods? Well, that can be a bit tricky.

First of all you need to identify which foods are really your weakness rather than just tough to resist. If you can identify the problem then you can take measures to avoid it. Another important step is to let your family members know ahead of time how important your weight loss is to you. No matter how much you want that famous pumpkin pie, your family will hopefully understand why you’re not having any if you let them know how really and truly important staying on track with your weight loss is to you.

However most importantly we all need to remember that we’re not made of stone and from time to time we slip up. Having a little bit of your favorites, especially if you’re getting stressed out about your diet, isn’t the end of the road. You just have to recognize that it was a small mistake and not the end of the road for your weight loss and just give up on all the progress you’ve worked so hard for. Comfort foods are a tricky subject, but managing your access to your comfort foods and focusing on your willpower are a good start to breaking free from their hold on your weight and your life.

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