Bringing Your Diet with You

When you’re on a diet or working with a structured weight loss plan it’s easy to watch and manage these things at home, but it’s a different story when you’re out and about either travelling for the holidays or simply going out for yourself. When we talk about bringing your diet with you it means not just leaving your healthy meal plans and your smart portioning at home when you step out the door, you’re taking everything you’re doing to manage your eating and your weight with you wherever you go. This can be particularly difficult if you have a lot of stops to make this fall and winter for the holidays.

The first thing you should do if you have any particularly stringent dietary restrictions is to let the hosts of the parties you’ll be attending know ahead of time. Keeping a dialogue open with them from the beginning will help them to plan what foods they prepare ahead of time. Of course you don’t want to come in and try to steamroll their whole meal, but just letting them know “Hey, I was hoping maybe you could prepare a low fat/carb option” ahead of time can make a huge difference.

If changing up the meal plan is going to be a problem for the host, then consider giving them a helping hand and bringing something to the party yourself! This is an especially great idea for potluck and office parties where everyone brings a little something to the table. That way you know that something you won’t have any problems eating is going to be available and you get a chance to share something you love with your friends, family, and coworkers. For people planning and hosting parties nothing takes a load off of their shoulders like finding out that one of the dishes for the meal is already covered, just make sure you let them know ahead of time that you’re bringing something so they can plan for it.

Even if you don’t or aren’t able to bring something healthy to eat with you or have something available that will fit well into your diet that doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere this holiday season! Being well informed is important when it comes to losing weight so arm yourself with the ever important tool of nutritional info. Try keeping a short list of the nutritional facts for popular holiday foods or even get a list of what will be on the menu from the host while you’re chatting with them. Then you’ll know what’s “safe” to eat and how much so you don’t overindulge (which even then is fine within reason). If you have a phone with web available then you can nutritionally fact check on the spot! Don’t worry about bringing your diet with you like unwanted luggage this holiday season, pack it up and carry it neatly at your side by being prepared!

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