Are Your Drink Choices Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

One of the core ideas of losing weight is identifying the parts of your lifestyle that are making you gain weight and stopping or modifying those things until you start seeing the progress you want. If you’re not getting enough exercise you should think of being more active, too much junk food and you need to cleanup your nutrition, etc. Especially when it comes to nutrition you need to look at all the different aspects of your diet to see where you might be making less than healthy choices. When you think of proper nutrition it’s easy to conjure up images of fresh fruits and veggies, but an area that often gets overlooked when it comes to nutrition is what we have to drink with our meals.

It’s incredibly important to analyze all of the foods we put into our bodies when trying to lose weight and drinks are no exception. Watching what you drink can be the difference between successful weight loss and your diet falling apart a month in because you’re not making any progress. There are a lot of different drink choices out there, so let’s take a look at some good and not so good drink choices.


Water – You absolutely can’t go wrong with drinking water. It hydrates your body, quenches your thirst, and doesn’t carry any nutritional additives like other drinks. Some people love the taste of water but if you don’t (or your tap water doesn’t taste too great) then consider either buying cases of bottled water or water flavoring. Flavored water is a great alternative, but watch what’s in the additives. Fresh fruit juice or sugar free flavor packets are a great choice, but stay away from Kool-Aid or sugary stuff.

Milk – Packed with calcium and vitamin D, milk is a great choice for growing bodies and healthy minded adults alike. It tastes good (if you enjoy the taste that is) and is good for your body, just make sure to count the calories from your servings of milk when you log your food.


Soda – Of course cool, crisp soda can taste good on a hot day but it’s just not worth everything that comes along with the flavor. Soda has a ton of calories and sugars in it that can wreck your progress if you’re not careful. Check the nutrition label on a can of soda the next time you’re at the store, you’ll be surprised just how much is in one little eight ounce can. Diet and Zero sodas are an alright alternative, but it’s a better idea to go with something that does good for your body instead.

Beer/Alcohol – Much like soda it can be nice to crack open a cold one after a hard day’s work, but it comes with the same dietary price tag and in some cases even more! Always check out your nutrition facts on boxes before you make a purchase at the store in any case. On a side note, wine has plenty of calories on its own but its antioxidant properties are good for your heart so (always) drink in moderation if at all.
At the end of the day your drink choices can be a big part of whether or not your diet fails. Make sure to always check the nutrition of your drinks and if you’re in an “unavoidable” situation like a social gathering that you drink less healthy drinks in moderation and that you log properly.

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