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On this page I want to tell you who I am and show you my way and reason to lose weight and live a life of wellbeing….

In the first decades of my life was no reason to think of healthy living or wellness. I was young and athletic, and I cycled more than 6.000 miles a year. Working hard, having much Stress, eating what I want (including Fast Food), smoking, drinking alcohol etc. seemed to be no problem for me.

After a bycicle accident and some problems with my back I had to reduce the sportive activity. But I didn’t reduce the consume of all the other things. My weight gained and my health waned. At the age of 40 I had to learn that my body is human and not a machine. Heart problems and back complaint helped me to wake up and find a way to a life with more healthy activities, foods and jobs.

I consciously say that such a bad situation is helpful. I know that this sounds strange for you. But in my experience, such diseases are really helpful, if you survive them and if you listen what they want to say to you. If you survive it is something like a second chance. Because your body is not your enemy, your body is your friend. Your body is the only honest friend you have. From time to time your body talks to you, saying: “Hey, my Dear. If you go on living as you do it at the moment, you will have more pain, a lasting harm or you must die. So, change your life and habits.” For this signal your body uses for example a little bit of heartburn, a pain in your back or in extreme cases a heart attack. It sounds hard, but the only goal you should have in these cases is to survive and use the second chance.

All the other so called friends are only gawking if you are still functioning. They are not interesting if you are really feeling well. So, listen to your body, see diseases as a well-meaning signal and learn how to live a healthy life.

I also had to learn a very hard lesson of diseases and healthy living. To learn all that healthy stuff is not very difficult, but it costs very much time to find out the right way. Because there are so many Gurus in this world telling you what to do, but it mostly doesn’t really work and it costs a lot of money. This is frustrating. The only really working way to lose weight and live healthy is an absolutely individual way everybody has to find out for himself or herself. There is no other chance.

For saving your time, energy, money and frustration I will help you finding your personal way to a healthy life. So, read every post, tip and information you can find on this Blog. All this will show you how your body works, how weight loss works, how nutrition works and how to find your personal way of a slim, fit and well life.

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All this is very important to find your way for living the highest quality of life possible. I hope I can help you and I hope you will find your personal healthy way and wellbeing.

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