3 Ways To Get More From Your Walks

So let’s talk about effective walking. Walking is a great exercise because it’s easy and low impact, but there’s so much more that you can get from walking than just light exercise. That’s not to say that you’re going to be pushing yourself into something you might not be looking for like running and jogging or anything too strenuous, but there are definitely ways that you can turn your walking up a notch and get a little bit more bang for your buck.
Here are three great ways that you can get more from your next walk.

1. Choose a varied area to walk.

If you’re just walking around your block or neighborhood that’s fine, but if you’re interested in adding a little difficulty to your walk, try walking somewhere with some more difficult terrain. A good option is to research and find a more hilly area or a local walking trail that will give you more to walk through and over, even a few hills can be good for burning some extra calories without pushing yourself over the edge. Another good place to walk is the beach, walking on the sand is tougher and you’ll push your body a little bit harder than you would flat ground.

2. Try going a little further.

If you feel like your current walk route just isn’t giving you what you want, consider adding a little bit of length to it. Just like multiple repetitions when weight lifting, adding more to your exercise will produce greater results. Try going two blocks down before looping around rather than just around the block, or go around your normal route more than once. Especially if your exercise is working and you’re more confident in walking a greater distance, try planning on adding a little more to your walking route next time you head out.

3. Go walking with friends or exercise buddies.

Finding exercise buddies to work out with is a great strategy for any kind of fitness and walking is no different. When you have someone to talk to and walk with, you’re more likely to stay out walking longer or to challenge yourself to perform a little better than the day before. Being social with your friends while you exercise is a perfect distraction from the work you’re doing and you might not even realize how much more and how much better you’re doing because you’re having fun doing it! Additionally, you have people to hold you accountable to your walking schedule and a little “healthy competition” to improve never hurt anyone.

So the next time you head out for your walk and want to feel like you’re getting more for your effort, try a new place to walk or heading around your route a few more time with some new walking buddies. You’ll be surprised how much your health improves with just a few small changes!

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